The Cumbrae WAVE project comes to an end

The Cumbrae WAVE couldn't secure a CAT of the former National Watersport Center, as a result the charity will be made dormant.
Boats sailing at the horizon and Thank you message written in the sky
Front main entrance of the former Waterport Center

The Cumbrae WAVE initially responded to the community’s wish to gain ownership of the former National Watersports Centre. A Community Asset Transfer (CAT) of the centre and associated land was supported by 98% of the participants of the online survey conducted in April 2021.

The charity, registered in December 2021, has put all its effort into modelling a business plan that would allow us to sustain financial stability whilst offering charitable activities. However, following thorough market research, primary numbers and a pre-feasibility study, it became clear that there was a significant gap between the possible income generation and the needs of this financially demanding site (more information here). Unfortunately, the CAT couldn’t be secured within the timeframe given by SportScotland and in June 2022, Sportscotland put the site up for sale.

As a result, The Cumbrae WAVE project comes to an end. The charity will be made dormant and the role of Project Development Officer, funded by North Ayrshire to support the mission, will be terminated from the 30th of September 2022.

The Cumbrae WAVE has widely shared and discussed the results of our work, research and different consultations, hoping to create a momentum for future activities and community developments on the vibrant Isle of Cumbrae. More information can be found online in The Cumbrae WAVE project overview.

The website will remain live and will be monitored for the time being. The Cumbrae WAVE’s core team will answer any queries or suggestions in the best delay. Contact us via email or our contact form.

The Cumbrae WAVE would like to thank everyone who has supported and been involved in the project and who participated in the various meetings, consultations and workshops.

The Cumbrae WAVE’s team