spotscotland Press Release

National Watersport Center for sale.

sportscotland’s CommuniquĂ© – 20th of June 2022

sportscotland took the decision to close Cumbrae National Watersports Centre following an extensive review. Since the closure in March 2020, sportscotland has been working with a group of community leaders who were exploring the possibility of a community asset transfer. In March 2022, the group made the decision not to progress with the asset transfer prompting us to prepare the property for sale on the open market.

The sale of the Cumbrae site will be managed by Galbraiths on sportscotland’s behalf. Galbraiths hold extensive experience in the sector and aim to take the property to the market on Wednesday 29 June 2022.

Please find the press release and property brochure. In addition, the aerial footage of the site: