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Each day the waters change and so must we.

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About The Cumbrae WAVE

The Cumbrae WAVE is a charity that was originally created on the Isle of Cumbrae in 2020, from the wish to regenerate the former National Watersports Centre, owned at the time by sportscotland, to provide sports and leisure facilities for the benefit of the residents and visitors of the island.

Unfortunately, despite the effort of its core working group, the charity wasn’t able to secure a Community Asset Transfer of the site in the required timeline, due mainly to the challenges of putting together a financially sustainable project (more information about the project here).

In June 2022, sportscotland has put the facilities on the market for sale (see press release).

As a result, The Cumbrae WAVE project comes to an end. The charity will be made dormant and the role of Project Development Officer, funded by North Ayrshire to support the mission, will be terminated from the 30th of September 2022.

Front main entrance of the former Waterport Center
Main entrance of the National Watersport Center formerly operated by spotscotland

Future Community Opportunities

The Cumbrae WAVE is sharing an overview of its work, research and community consultations’ feedback, hoping to create a momentum for future activities and community developments on this vibrant island.

The Cumbrae WAVE Milestones

October 2020


Creation of the community group

The group The Cumbrae WAVE initially responded to the community’s wish to gain ownership of the former National Watersports Centre.

February 2021

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The Cumbrae WAVE on Facebook

The Cumbrae WAVE joins Facebook to reach out the community and share information.

March 2021

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North Ayrshire Start-Up Funds

North Ayrshire funds have been allocated to The Cumbrae WAVE for start-up expenses.

April 2021

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Online Community Consultation

The Cumbrae WAVE conducted an online survey with over 375 participants. 98% supported a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) of the former Watersport Centre and associated land. More information and results about the online survey can be found in the project overview.

June 2021

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North Ayrshire Venture Funds

North Ayrshire Venture Funds had been allocated to The Cumbrae WAVE to cover the cost of a part time Project Development Officer for 2 years.

September 2021

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Event – Outdoor Night Swim

Outdoor swimming event organised during Millport Illuminations, to engage with the public about the future of the Watersport center.

November 2021

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Project Development Officer

The Cumbrae WAVE hires a Project Development Officer, supported by North Ayrshire Venture Trust.

December 2021

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SCIO Registration

The Cumbrae WAVE completes its registration as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO #SC051547).

February 2022

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Launch of The Cumbrae WAVE website.

May 2022

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Community Workshop

Community consultation conducted in Garrison House. 14 participants discussed the feasibility of the project and potential activities development, the future of the charity and the Watersport Center. More information about the community workshop can be found in the project overview.

June 2022

Waterport center for sale

Watersport Center For Sale

sportscotland puts the Watersport center for sale. More information can be found in the press release.

September 2022

The cumbrae WAVE overview June 2022

The project comes to an end

The Cumbrae WAVE charity is made dormant and the role of Project Development Officer, funded by North Ayrshire to support the mission, is terminated (see The Cumbrae WAVE announcement).